Huawei releases a white paper that ranks the top ten 5G use cases with their respective business models and value chains.

When 5G arrives, will it hold the promise of attracting completely new industry verticals by connecting people and “things” with each other? The answer lies in the two magic words “use cases”. They provide a template into the future with the chance to revamp successful technology or introduce completely novel solutions that drive new business revenues.

The 37-page whitepaper from Huawei explores 5G’s most compelling use cases and summarizes their market opportunity.

Top-ten 5G Use Cases as seen by Huawei

Here’s their top-ten choice:

  1. Cloud Virtual & Augmented Reality
  2. Connected Automotive
  3. Smart Manufacturing
  4. Connected Energy
  5. Wireless eHealth
  6. Wireless Home Entertainment
  7. Connected Drones
  8. Social Networks
  9. Personal AI Assistant
  10. Smart City

Connected Automotive ranks Nr. 2 and covers autonomous driving, platooning and tele-operated driving. Whether autonomous driving needs 5G is debatable, yet cooperative mobility between cars, vehicle maintenance and sensor data crowdsourcing are certain to benefit from the wide-range connectivity of 5G and open up new revenue streams based on novel business models.


Huawei Wireless X Labs

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